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This Week in Disrupt – June 27, 2015

The Red Pill Please With E3, the annual Electronics Entertainment Expo, wrapping up last week, there has been a lot of talk about how virtual reality technology is transforming the gaming industry. But VR technology has extended beyond entertainment and is revolutionizing the financial services industry – allowing traditional financial institutions to connect with the […]

Innovation Part 2.

Or what you can do to feel like Steve Jobs. If you want to climb a mountain, you have to get up early. I get up at 4:00 am. That way I make it to the parking lot before dawn and can begin my ascent undisturbed in the cool morning breeze. After two hours, I’m […]

The stupid thing about innovation…

“Just be innovative, for once! Don’t keep suggesting the stuff that nobody wants!” The department manager rants at his team and they cringe, avoiding eye contact with their boss and pretending to be in deep thought. When he leaves the room the air fills with relief. Once again the team failed to meet his expectations. […]

Make Your Website As Smart As Your Wholesalers

How A Stronger Online Presence Can Help Actively Managed Funds Reduce Selling Cost Facing increasing pressure on pricing and performance, actively managed mutual funds are focused on ways to enhance the effectiveness of their wholesalers while reducing the overall cost of their sales infrastructure. Many are taking a closer look at ways their websites can help […]

IE8: The unseen destructive economical force

IE8 – that doesn’t sound too threatening in the real world – in our world it does. You can make senior IT-people spontaneously jump out of the window by mentioning these 3 simple letters. But what’s more important: A couple of CEOs should seriously consider that reaction, too – and no one tells them. IE8 […]

The Paradox Post-Touch Era

Websites, apps, touch screens, … all this affects our daily lives as users and as makers. Questions about the “next big thing” are usually answered with buzz words, such as „smart watch“, „Oculus Rift“, or „Amazon drones” – each a fascinating gadget in itself. But is there an underlying paradigm? Touch screens have become our […]

Insurers and the web – a forced marriage?

Currently, it’s hard to find an industry that is more willing to deal with online business on one hand and less able to do so on the other hand at the same time than the insurance industry. Why is the web currently so hard for insurers? In Goodland online business stands for lower acquisition costs, […]

How to build your own Recipe Dshini

This beautiful object is the result of our latest In-House-Creative-Fun-Project at mediaman Germany: the Recipe Dshini. It is an Arduino driven, database enabled, built-of-old-parts, easy-to-use, retro-steamy, Wallace & Gromit-ish recipe printer — FTW! The idea started here: After a long day at the office many of us seemed to have the same 3 basic problems: […]