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#Algovisor Revisited

In 2012 I organized a panel at SXSW Interactive called “My Financial Advisor is an Algorithm”. The first so-called “robo-advisor” startups like Betterment (now at 70,000+ customers) and Wealthfront (now with $2+ billion in assets under management) were already disrupting financial advisory. But I wanted things to be easier still. It wasn’t enough for me […]

FinTechs vs. Banks and Insurers

From the start, mediaman has had a focus in the insurance and financial space. A lot has happened there in the last few years. Agile Startups such as Simple, Moven, or Payfriends are stepping up to evolutionize banking. Insurers, too, have to move, as companies like SquareTrade are trying out new business models. Today I am talking with mediaman Germany’s new […]

Diversity, AI, and a Robot Petting Zoo

Random notes from SXSW 2015 Diversity “Diversity” has been declared the breakout trend of SXSW this year. Being part of an 80% female team here in the US, I sometimes forget that women are not necessarily well represented in the digital world. But even I noticed that most of the panels I attended in March were primarily filled […]

Juggle With Us

There is a lot to know about digital, technology, creativity and innovation and my colleagues and I read a lot about it everyday, so you don’t have to. Every month we share some of the things that have come across our screens in our trendletter, the Juggler. Here are some recent examples: Did you know: […]

Cross Pollination

Why it’s important to work for clients in more than one industry As most agencies, mediaman has a focus on certain industries. This wasn’t the plan from the beginning, it just happened that way. One project leads to the next: Another car company likes our work for Mercedes-Benz and invites us to pitch. Our work […]

Sensor City

If you think that in the future sensors will tell utility companies when your dumpster is full and garbage needs to be collected, sensors will tell you where there is an empty parking spot downtown, sensors will dim street lights when there is no traffic – think again. Because that future is already here. And […]

Deadlines: A love-hate relationship

“There is this trade show next month and we need to have a website live the week before. That’s not a problem, is it?” Of course it’s not a problem. Yes, we would have preferred to know about this sooner. Just like Christmas, this trade show probably occurs every year and chances are you did […]

SXSW Reflections: Robots, Sensors, Greater Good

Like every year I came back from SXSW with information overload, sleep deprivation, and many new apps installed on my iPhone. Three of them are smartr, tempo and mailbox. They are supposed to make my life easier by handling the troika of contacts, calendar and email better than ever before. Because they use smarter algorithms […]