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Are you missing the gorillas?

I heard a story on NPR this morning about radiologists, trained to search for the smallest of irregularities in a scan, missing a gorilla that was superimposed on a slide of a lung. 83% of radiologists failed to note the gorilla. The effect is called “inattentional blindness”.  The news story gave this explanation: This wasn’t because the […]

I am using this

When I look out of my office window I see trees, grassy hills, snow covered mountain tops, sometimes a deer or two in my front yard. I work from home and home is Missoula, Montana. I chose to live here because I love the remoteness and calmness of the Rocky Mountains. I found it makes […]

Online, offline – is there a difference anymore?

Do you require a digital detox from time to time, a period of logged-off real life? Maybe you are generally skeptical and wary of big data and algorithms taking over? Or are you enthusiastic about constant connectivity, technology augmenting your reality and “the internet of things”? All of the above? Or do you just use the internet […]