#Algovisor Revisited

In 2012 I organized a panel at SXSW Interactive called “My Financial Advisor is an Algorithm”. The first so-called “robo-advisor” startups like Betterment (now at 70,000+ customers) and Wealthfront (now with $2+ billion in assets under management) were already disrupting financial advisory. But I wanted things to be easier still. It wasn’t enough for me […]

FinTechs vs. Banks and Insurers

From the start, mediaman has had a focus in the insurance and financial space. A lot has happened there in the last few years. Agile Startups such as Simple, Moven, or Payfriends are stepping up to evolutionize banking. Insurers, too, have to move, as companies like SquareTrade are trying out new business models. Today I am talking with mediaman Germany’s new […]

Make Your Website As Smart As Your Wholesalers

How A Stronger Online Presence Can Help Actively Managed Funds Reduce Selling Cost Facing increasing pressure on pricing and performance, actively managed mutual funds are focused on ways to enhance the effectiveness of their wholesalers while reducing the overall cost of their sales infrastructure. Many are taking a closer look at ways their websites can help […]

Insurers and the web – a forced marriage?

Currently, it’s hard to find an industry that is more willing to deal with online business on one hand and less able to do so on the other hand at the same time than the insurance industry. Why is the web currently so hard for insurers? In Goodland online business stands for lower acquisition costs, […]