This Week in Disrupt – June 27, 2015

The Red Pill Please With E3, the annual Electronics Entertainment Expo, wrapping up last week, there has been a lot of talk about how virtual reality technology is transforming the gaming industry. But VR technology has extended beyond entertainment and is revolutionizing the financial services industry – allowing traditional financial institutions to connect with the […]

Thomas Vogel Talks Creativity: Event Video Highlights

In November, our Meet the Author Event featured mediaman founder and Emerson College Professor, Thomas Vogel speaking about his book Breakthrough Thinking: A Guide to Creative Thinking and Idea Generation. We’ve put together some of the highlights of Thomas’ talk covering everything from how creativity enriches our lives to what Big Data means for the […]

Make Your Website As Smart As Your Wholesalers

How A Stronger Online Presence Can Help Actively Managed Funds Reduce Selling Cost Facing increasing pressure on pricing and performance, actively managed mutual funds are focused on ways to enhance the effectiveness of their wholesalers while reducing the overall cost of their sales infrastructure. Many are taking a closer look at ways their websites can help […]

IE8: The unseen destructive economical force

IE8 – that doesn’t sound too threatening in the real world – in our world it does. You can make senior IT-people spontaneously jump out of the window by mentioning these 3 simple letters. But what’s more important: A couple of CEOs should seriously consider that reaction, too – and no one tells them. IE8 […]

Are we too dependent on our software?

This week I had a horrible experience: my favorite browser of all times, Opera, was updated (to version 15). That in itself is not a bad thing. But this particular update destroyed my workflow of using an internet browser and an email-client – in one single piece of software. For me, this combination was the […]

Sensor City

If you think that in the future sensors will tell utility companies when your dumpster is full and garbage needs to be collected, sensors will tell you where there is an empty parking spot downtown, sensors will dim street lights when there is no traffic – think again. Because that future is already here. And […]