10 Tips for Mobile Forms (That Google and Your Users Will Love)

When you enter “forms suck” into Google, you get 28,000,000 hits. I am not surprised. Who, after all, sits down on the couch with a tablet or a smartphone thinking: “And now, for a little relaxation, I will fill in some online forms.” Quite the opposite: forms are annoying, on paper as well as digital. First of […]

The Prototype – One Name, Many Functions

Paper prototyping, rapid prototyping, explorative or evolutionary prototyping, high- or low-fidelity prototyping, vertical or horizontal – at mediaman we use different kinds of prototypes, depending on the task. Why is all of this prototyping so important? The Primary Purpose of Prototypes: Visualization Prototypes provide a representation of user interfaces, and we use that representation to […]

Diversity, AI, and a Robot Petting Zoo

Random notes from SXSW 2015 Diversity “Diversity” has been declared the breakout trend of SXSW this year. Being part of an 80% female team here in the US, I sometimes forget that women are not necessarily well represented in the digital world. But even I noticed that most of the panels I attended in March were primarily filled […]

How to build a responsive live chat

As communication habits change, the desire to receive individual and fast support online grows steadily. Live chat has long been established as a tool and is particularly useful when a customer needs help buying something online. One of the challenges lies in creating a live chat that looks and functions the same across devices, including […]

The Paradox Post-Touch Era

Websites, apps, touch screens, … all this affects our daily lives as users and as makers. Questions about the “next big thing” are usually answered with buzz words, such as „smart watch“, „Oculus Rift“, or „Amazon drones” – each a fascinating gadget in itself. But is there an underlying paradigm? Touch screens have become our […]

Are we too dependent on our software?

This week I had a horrible experience: my favorite browser of all times, Opera, was updated (to version 15). That in itself is not a bad thing. But this particular update destroyed my workflow of using an internet browser and an email-client – in one single piece of software. For me, this combination was the […]