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There is a lot to know about digital, technology, creativity and innovation and my colleagues and I read a lot about it everyday, so you don’t have to. Every month we share some of the things that have come across our screens in our trendletter, the Juggler. Here are some recent examples:

Did you know: There are six universal experiences in UX

Screenshot IBM Living LanguageDesign Executives of IBM have published interesting insights about the future direction of the company’s mindset and working tools: The open platform called “Living Language” doesn’t gather design guidelines in the usual sense – instead, the three chapters “Framework, Resources, Inspiration” define an attitude that will lead to better interfaces and more useful products.

According to IBM, there are six universal user experiences, which are always important, whether a designer applies them or not:

  • Discover, try and buy
  • Get started
  • Everyday use
  • Manage and upgrade
  • Leverage and extend
  • Get support

They also demonstrate the growing importance of a user journey analysis against isolated touchpoint considerations.

Website Living Language by IBM

Did you know: “The age of broadcast TV will probably end around 2030.”

Netflix CEO Reed Hastings gives Free-to-Air-TV another 15 years – until his business model has won the battle.

Article in the Hollywood Reporter

Did you know: Nikola Tesla predicted the age of smartphones

Portrait of TeslaNearly 90 years ago Nikola Tesla, engineer and futurist, predicted the invention of connected smartphones when he said: “When wireless is perfectly applied the whole earth will be converted into a huge brain[…]”

Read the interview published in January 1926 in Collier’s Weekly


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