Solitairing – my aid to concentrate

I have a digital confession to make. It something that – until now – only my husband knows about me. Here it is: the most used app on my iPad is – Solitaire. This advanced and beautiful piece of technology in my hands – I (ab-)use it to play the game that even I think of as being played only by bored (and boring) secretaries.


Solitaire WinYes, yes. There is also frequent exchange of vocabulary with my colleague in Ohio on “Words with Friends” and a back and forth of stick people with co-workers in Germany or Shanghai through “Draw Something”. Yes, I have played all levels of Angry Birds. I have Saved Toshi. But the one game I always come back to is Solitaire.

This is not due to sweet childhood memories of my dad teaching me card games at our dining table (which happened, but is not the reason for all these Solitaire hours). I am not playing it for its game mechanics or for fun. It is not a tool of distraction for me. On the contrary. Solitaire, it turns out, helps me concentrate and focus while I am paying attention to something (or somebody) else. Read more