Serendipity: If It Works, We Call It a Strategy

Type in the search term “innovation” on Amazon and you’ll discover over 200,000 books on the topic. It makes me wonder: if they are so many books about innovation and success, why is so little innovation successful? Reading about innovation, we learn about what we need in the 21st century to be truly innovative:

  • multidisciplinary teams
  • fast prototyping
  • creative workspaces
  • managing people & the creative process

If we know all of those (and many more) factors, why does it remain so difficult to apply the magic formula of innovation and success to the real world? Having worked as an entrepreneur for over fifteen years with my young leadership team (okay, we are a bit older now) I was asked many times: “What is our strategy?” In difficult times even the most uncertain of us were convinced: “We must have a strategy!” Our hope: Cause A leads to effect B. If we did A to come to B we would have a logical path. This is what all the successful competitors do, right?


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