This Week in Disrupt – June 27, 2015

This Week In Disrupt

The Red Pill Please

matrix-operatorWith E3, the annual Electronics Entertainment Expo, wrapping up last week, there has been a lot of talk about how virtual reality technology is transforming the gaming industry. But VR technology has extended beyond entertainment and is revolutionizing the financial services industry – allowing traditional financial institutions to connect with the ever elusive millennial demographic. With only 5% of millennials reporting that they prefer to mostly or only consult with an adviser, financial service providers are turning to VR to help younger clientele visualize the journey toward retirement, comprehend complex investment portfolios and augment traditional brick-and-mortar banking activities.

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Game of Thrones for All!

showtime-streaming-970-80June has been a disruptive month for the entertainment industry as premium television program providers, HBO and Showtime, break free from their cable subscription anchors.At the Google developer’s conference, HBO announced that its standalone service, HBO NOW, would be coming to Android devices via the Google Play Store; whereas, it was previously only available to Apple iTunes Users.Hulu announced a discounted subscription offering to Showtime’s upcoming streaming service. Mac enthusiasts eagerly await the reveal of the next Apple TV, which is rumored to have third-party apps instead of first-party channels.

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MYbank 24/7

mybank_imageAlibaba backed, MYbank, opened its doors this week – figuratively speaking because China’s newest all-digital internet bank has no physical branches. MYbank’s mission is to provide affordable loans and innovative financial solutions to small and micro enterprises who have issues accessing traditional bank branches in rural areas. The online-only business model eliminates large expenses associated with maintaining traditional brick-and-mortar branch networks, a savings that is passed on to the customers.

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We leave you with a few other tech disruption articles that caught our eye this week:

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