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When I look out of my office window I see trees, grassy hills, snow covered mountain tops, sometimes a deer or two in my front yard. I work from home and home is Missoula, Montana.


I chose to live here because I love the remoteness and calmness of the Rocky Mountains. I found it makes me more productive when I can have a good balance of high energy work and low key surroundings. I have colleagues in Ohio and Massachusetts, freelancers in Australia, clients in Germany. Good communication is key (as in any professional environment) but in lack of an office kitchen we have to rely on technology to meet, speak and brainstorm.

There will be a longer blog post about working in a remote team in the future, but for today I want to send you over to the good folks at Montana Uses This who interviewed me for their series about entrepreneurs and innovators in the state. I am talking a little bit about myself and the tools and technologies I am using to get stuff done. You will also read about my favorite twitter feed, current books on my iPad and what I am doing to remain inspired. Now you know what I am using – how about you? Any apps, tools, books everybody should know about?

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